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My name is Carolina Gonzalez and I am a Curandera, Tarot Reader and Espiritista from Tenerife, one of the beautiful Canary Islands, located in the Northwest coast of Africa.

The Canarian traditions of Curanderismo and Brujería, which tie to my Guanche* heritage, and Afro-Latin religions, are absolutely essential in my work. The Canary Islands have a tie of more than five centuries with Latin America and the Caribbean; five centuries of emigration and immigration, and of cultural blending in both ways, that touch my personal history, as my father's family lived many years in Venezuela. It is only natural that the religions of the African Diaspora have a very strong presence in my work; I am an initiate of María Lionza's religion, which is a form of Afro-Latin Espiritismo originated in Venezuela, and I have extensive practise and knowledge of Santería and other religions of the Diaspora, as I was given training by two Santería priests for many years. I am also a self-taught expert in endemic herbs, both for magic and medicine.

*Guanche – aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands before the Spanish invasion, of Amazigh (Berber) origin.



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