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By heritage, I am a Curandera, a spiritual healer. I follow the Canarian tradition of Curanderismo, which has its origins in the Guanches/Canarii, my Ancestors, who were Amazigh Berbers from the area known as Mauretania. When you see me talking about herbs, or about my North African heritage, that is the Curandera talking.
By faith, I am an Espiritista, rightfully initiated in Maria Lionza’s religion, a branch of Espiritismo originated in Venezuela, a country with which I have family ties. I’ve had a Padrino and a Madrina, both Lukumi priests and Espiritistas (it’s not the same). When I talk about Spirits, it is the Espiritista talking; this is religion for me, so most of my practise is under vows of secrecy, and is never photographed or shared.
By profession, I am a Bruja. This is a practise for me, not a religion, and is what I do mainly for my customers. When I talk about spellwork and divination, it’s the Bruja talking. The Bruja just gets things done!

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