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Certifications, Publications, Interviews


Existencial Well-Being Counsellor - University of Leuven, Belgium.

Ordained Minister - Universal Life Church, USA.




· Upcoming:  Afro-Latin Perspectives On Polytheism:Curandera, Espiritista, Bruja.

Living With The Gods Anthology, Hagstone Publishing.


· Sacred Intention: Magical And Medicinal Herbology Of The Canary Islands.

Witches & Pagans Magazine, Issue #37


· Psychic Self-Defense In Canarian Curanderismo.

Witches & Pagans Magazine, Issue #31




New World Witchery Podcast # 67: Curanderismo LINK

On Sacred Ground Podcast, #12. Not available online anymore. Link to podcaster's site.

The Brew: Cultural Appropriation Issue. LINK