Latest Feedback From Customers (Feb. 8, 2018)

All the testimonials below are from customers who participated in our latest Financial Blessing Service, which happened on January 21. To participate in our upcoming Love Healing Service, click HERE; to check the entire Service Calendar for 2018, click HERE.

" I did order the financial blessings on January 2018 from Carolina and I was very surprised to see it working very quickly. It's like the universe waited for this green light, offerings and prayers to start bringing me good stuff. After being unemployed for 2 years, I got back to school to learn another field of work but then again, no luck. After Carolina's ritual, I had a few job offers to pick from and people calling me directly because my resume and profile was interesting to them, I had encounters that boosted my self-confidence so I was really ready to get the best job I could. I could feel the recruiters were genuinely interested. I was offered a good job with many perks tailored to my needs without the recruiters knowing this. I'm not talking about miracles because I did work on my part but this ritual is definitely the help you need to weed out any bad luck and bring opportunities when you have none. I hope these blessings will last! Also, another word because I did purchase this ritual for my best friend too and she was a bit upset because there wasn't much for her (a few gift cards, a bit of money and gifts) but today she got offered a really good job! Sometimes, the universe needs to sow the things before you reap them so be patient, be open and be grateful! Thank you Carolina, keep up the amazing work :) " A.S, EU.


"My business has been running successfully for over 15 years now but last year, it’s like it dropped off the radar: sales receded to a trickle and my shop might as well have been invisible. I felt some outside force was blocking my business from prospering. When I saw that Carolina was offering a Financial Blessing Service, I took the opportunity to participate in the hopes it might remove this obstacle. The effect was nearly instantaneous: large sales and new customers within days, old customers returning... Whatever the block was, it’s now lifted and I feel more hopeful and confident in my business than I have in ages. I know this year is going to be prosperous now and I can’t thank Carolina enough for her intercession." A.M., USA.


"We had a wonderful & somewhat unexpected outcome the day after the Financial Blessing Service. A wrongful legal action brought against us was about to go to court in several weeks. The day after the Financial Blessing Service, we received a letter stating the case was dismissed! I thought about this for some time. Was this wonderful outcome for us simply coincidence, synchronicity or the result of focused prayerful intention through a beautiful ritual? I know it was the last one. Thank you, Carolina, for such a powerful & effective service!" L.H., USA.


"Miss Carolina! Thank you so much for your efforts and prayer and communicating with the spirits on our behalf. The PDF you provided was detailed, yet explained in a manner that myself and my husband who were both patreons of your services could understand. We also greatly appreciate the photos! The offering was stunning - so abundant and colorful. Absolutely beautiful. I also wanted to share with you that my husband and myself have already seen instances of financial protection of which we are both relieved and grateful for. We are both appreciative of your expertise and are filled with a renewed hope for the rest of the year to come." J.D., USA.