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Custom Candle Work - Hex-Breaking, Binding And Hexing Candles

Custom Candle Work - Hex-Breaking, Binding And Hexing Candles

This listing is for Hex-Breaking, Binding or Hexing work ONLY. For regular Custom Candle Work, please click HERE.

The power of prayer and candle magic together is much bigger than you imagine – when someone is working for you, free from the worries you have, the energy of candle work is very focused and effective. In the tradition of Espiritismo, candle work is used for absolutely every request, as they represent a more affordable, but still very powerful work.

Your candle will be magically prepared with oils, herbs, roots, powders, and any other magical items needed specifically for your request/problem. I grow my own herbs, and prepare all oils, herbal powders and offerings myself. I have developed a method that can be customized for almost any need, giving all customers the exact same chance of success.

Types Of Candles That Fit This Listing:

- Hex-Breaking Candles: curse removals, envy/negativity work made against you, returns the curse to the person who sent it.

- Tumba Enemigo (Enemy Crusher) Candles: to keep your enemies from blocking your path.

- Binding Love Candles: to bind two people together.

- Separation Candles: to negatively influence the relationship between two or more people, be it couples, business partners, etc.

- San Alejo Candles: to put away people from your life, such as bad neighbours, co-workers. etc.

- Hexing Candle: to curse a specific person.

And remember:

· Hexing works are YOUR responsibility. If your request is not justified, the work may turn against you.

· Binding does not equal true love; no magic can create love out of thin air.

So, while I will not judge your request, I am only responsible of performing the work for you, and not of any unwanted consequences. I can only advise to think your petition well.


Important Notes:

I will need your full name and date of birth (or the name and date of the person you want the candle for), and your petition. You can email that information to magickshop@gmail.com or use the Contact Form of the website.

Please give as much feedback as you can about the situation you are going through; the more information you add about your current situation, the better I will make a work that serves your needs.

Please don't lie! Don't try to make yourself appear as a victim, and be honest about your mistakes and faults. I am not here to judge you, but to work for you; in the end, you can lie to me, but you can't lie to the Spirits. Your candle may not work, or even worse – it may work in a way that you do not expect or want.

Once you make your payment, I will contact you with a scheduled date for your work. On that date, you will receive a picture and a brief report of the work made through email.

The picture above is just illustrative. It does NOT represent your specific candle - it's just a sample of my work.

Before making any purchases, I strongly suggest you read my F.A.Q. Page, and the Store Policies Page.

Also, read the Testimonials Page to find feedback from customers all over the world; there is no better description of what my work can do for you than that!