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Custom Oil Lamp For The Anima Sola And The Animas Benditas – Three Day Setting

Custom Oil Lamp For The Anima Sola And The Animas Benditas – Three Day Setting

This new Service will consist of a Custom Oil Lamp, prepared for your specific petition, which will be lit for three consecutive days in our special altar for the Anima Sola and the Animas Benditas. During the time the lamp is lit each day (around two hours), a set of traditional prayers to the Animas, plus a fully customized prayer for your request, will be recited; offerings of Holy Water, and of a unique herbal incense created just for this type of work, will be made.

In Maria Lionza's religion, we believe that Spirits go through a process of cleansing and empowering after the transition of death; we call that process Elevación (Elevation), and is one of the pillars of our practise. We don't see Purgatory as a place of punishment, but as a place of growth, where Spirits release their earthly ties and purifiy themselves.

One of the ways that these Spirits can elevate their energy is through helping people with their requests, either working on their behalf, or interceding for them before God; as they help, they cleanse themselves, and become more powerful and holy. This continued flow of energy between them and us gives both parts tremendous benefits, that we want to share with all our customers!

Types of petitions accepted: non-binding ONLY. Here are a few examples:

· Healing - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing.

· Love – as long as the petition is non-binding (that is, that does not interfere with the other person's free will). Reconciliation, improvement of communication, better physical relationship, etc.

· Money And Finances – for finding a job, getting a raise, changing careers, etc.

· Spiritual Growth – for improving your spiritual abilities, and for better alignment with your Cuadro Espiritual.

· Blessing And Road Opening – to remove bad luck, blockages, and enemies from your life.

If your request does not seem to fall on any of these categories, do not worry, because these are only examples of a really infinite amount of petitions that can be made. Just use the Contact Form to let me know about your situation, and I will advise you on the work that is better for you.

How To Make Your Purchase

Once you have made your order, I will email you back a.s.a.p. to ask you for your full name, date of birth, and your petition, and to give you the schedule date for your work. On the first of the three days, you will receive a report describing the work done for you; that will be the only report, since the following two days the lamp will just be relit, and all the prayers repeated.

Please notice that since this process takes three days, slots for these Service will always be very limited!

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