Participations for the Spiritual Empowerment Service, happening on February 21, are already available:

February 21 - Spiritual Empowerment Service

February 21 - Spiritual Empowerment Service

The Spiritual Empowerment Service is focused on the cleansing and strengthening of your spiritual/magical abilities, and is designed with spiritual practitioners in mind. If you feel you need a better connection to your Spiritual family, a more powerful magical practise, and the cleansing of residual negativity, this Service is right for you!

What Is A Spiritual Service?

A Spiritual Service is a ritual made for a group of customers, as opposed to Custom Candlework/Spellwork, which is made only for one - hence the much lower price. The ritual usually consists of offerings to the Spirits (candles, drinks, food, incenses, flowers, etc.), prayers (traditional to Espiritismo, and my own), drumming/music sessions, etc. The purpose of the ritual can be as varied as Custom Spellwork is.

What Is This Service For?

· To attract beneficial Spirit Guides, Ancestor Allies, Animal and Plant Allies, and all kinds of entities that may be a source of positive growth in your Spiritual Path;

· To bring you special protection against negative entities, parasitic entities, unwanted dream visitors, and any spirit that may hinder your spiritual growth;

· To empower your spiritual practise, ground it on a strong foundation, and enhance discipline and devotion;

· To bless your connection to all forms of Spirit;

· To help you achieve your goals, and to help you find new goals in your Spiritual Path.

· To remove whatever is no longer a blessing in your spiritual practise, and empower change and evolution.

How To Participate

For this ritual, I will only need your full name and date of birth. No other information or petition is required, since every participant will get a full set of prayers that cover all the points above. Please add your full name and date of birth on the “Message To Seller” tab that you will find during checkout.

The participation of 15€ is for one person only. You can, of course, buy participations for other people – just remember to add their full names and dates of birth too when making your purchase.

Please notice that, from now on, we will not be sending reports for our Services. This alleviates the workload for me, and will keep the price low as it has always been – we completely understand the need for an affordable Service. You can check the 2018-2019 Service Calendar, HERE.


Customer feedback, from previous services:

"Miss Carolina! Thank you so much for your efforts and prayer and communicating with the spirits on our behalf. The PDF you provided was detailed, yet explained in a manner that myself and my husband who were both patreons of your services could understand. We also greatly appreciate the photos! The offering was stunning - so abundant and colorful. Absolutely beautiful. I also wanted to share with you that my husband and myself have already seen instances of financial protection of which we are both relieved and grateful for. We are both appreciative of your expertise and are filled with a renewed hope for the rest of the year to come." J.D., USA.

"I asked Carolina to include me & two family members in her Blessing Service last December. My relatives were each struggling with challenges: one with the aftermath of a particularly nasty divorce & a very long streak of unemployment; the other with addictions issues, facing possibly additional prison time. As for me, the company where I worked for 10 years was falling into a state of chaos causing me & the other employees a great deal of stress & insecurity. As of April (4 months later), my unemployed relative found an exciting new job & sounds the most positive I have heard her in a long time. My other relative is also working, is maintaining sobriety & there appears there will be no additional time in prison. As for me-my company has stabilizing & I now go to work feeling at peace & happily productive.

I have known Carolina via her work for many years. She is very professional, skilled, with a very high level of integrity. I am so very grateful to this dear lady for all that she does for so many". L.H. (USA)

“I received your Service report and I'm just blown away by the most recent occurrences and I know it's connected to the prayers and offering you performed. I received a large sum of money, my credit report improved, things in my finances have changed . I knew after reading your report that I made a wise choose. I could have picked anyone in the states but I was seeking a genuine healer, I been seeing the number 1111 (angels) alot since the ritual. I can't thank you enough for your assistance and I will be joining the spiritual elevation service along with other services that you suggest again thank you!!” L.B. (USA)

"Dearest Carolina, I wanted to let you know that the petition that was offered in this service was granted! Initially, I was anxious about looking for a new home, but when I saw that you offered a petition service, the very day before I made my trip, I knew it came at the right time! I searched for several days for a new home and then a day before I was to return I suddenly felt that I was the 'right' place and the Blessed Mothers were with me.

Thank you for your services! I have participated in services before and I will take part in more in the future. My prayers have been answered and I thank you for your love and devotion to making these rituals available for the rest of us! May you and yours continue to be blessed as you share these blessings with us!" A.T. (USA)