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Guia Necklace - Protection And Empowerment For Mediums And Spirit Workers

Guia Necklace - Protection And Empowerment For Mediums And Spirit Workers

In our tradition of Espiritismo (Maria Lionza's religion), a Guia necklace is a very powerful tool for the protection and empowerment of Mediums in training, and of Padrinos/Madrinas.

· They keep the Medium protected and grounded during channelling and trance work;

· They protect the Medium from parasitic spiritual entities;

· They keep the Medium in a constant, and very powerful, connection with Spirits;

· They deflect negativity and harmful magic from others, and keep the Medium's energy and vibration high.

Each Guia is made individually, and goes through exactly the same ritual process. After creating them, they are consecrated, charged and fed in my altar, a process that can take two full days to complete, and plenty of ingredients and hours of prayer.

You are NOT required to be initiated in any tradition to use them - these have been made with my customers in mind, and they come from all paths and cultures!

A PDF file with detailed instructions on how to use and keep your necklace is included with purchase – you will find the downloadable file on your invoice when you finish your purchase.

Colourway #1 - Pink And Purple - ONE Available

Colourway #2 - Blue And Purple - TWO Available

Colourway #3 - SOLD OUT

Colourway #4 - Blue And Orange - THREE Available

This listing and price is for ONE strand. Each strand measures 75cm / 29,5 inches, enough to pass over the head for all sizes of hair.

Please let me know your choice of colourway when making your order. If you don't, I will gladly choose for you. Please check the pictures to see all details

International shipping is included in price.