Siete Poderes - Herbal Spiritual Bath

Siete Poderes - Herbal Spiritual Bath

In Espiritismo, a herbal Spiritual Bath is comprised of two main elements, for two main corresponding functions:

· The Dulce (Sweet) herbs/barks/roots/ attract the good: wealth, protection, good luck, opportunities, love, and of course, spiritual evolution, which we call desenvolvimiento.

· The Amargo (Bitter) herbs/barks/roots remove the bad: cleans blockage and emotional baggage, keeps negative entities and people away, fights mal de ojo, and brings protection against curses.

Using the best of both our gardening and our wildharvesting, we have created Siete Poderes (Seven Powers), a recipe for a Spiritual Bath that uses the formidable energy of organic herbs and trees for your empowerment and protection! The purpose of this bath is to balance and restore your entire spiritual power, cleanse your energetic channels, and re-energize you completely.

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