Sobado Cigars (Pack Of 10)

Sobado Cigars (Pack Of 10)

Only FOUR packs available!

This listing is for one pack of ten (10) Sobado Cigars. International non-registered shipping is included in price. If you want to purchase more than one pack, please change the amount on your shopping cart.

To celebrate the Spring Equinox, we are sending a free bag of Moorish Sage (Salvia Canariensis), an endemic variety of Sage that grows only in the Canary Islands, with every order. Besides having all the properties of regular Sage, this herb is extremely fragrant, and makes a wonderful incense.

Cigars are one of the most important staples in our Espiritismo tradition; they are used to clean and heal sacred spaces and/or people, to open communication with Spirits, and as a divination tool. Cigars are also a very appreciated offering for most Spirits in all Afro-Latin religions, and since they are completely natural and biodegradable, a perfect offering for Spirits in Nature.

The cigars have been applied the Sobado ceremony, which cleans them of any negative energy that may have adhered to them during the making and transporting process, and prepares them to be the perfect vehicle for the Spirits to speak. These are exactly the same than the ones we use for our own Services and ceremonies; you can see an example from a previous ceremony on the second picture.

As always, the cigars are made in the islands, where the tradition of cigar making has been extremely important to our culture. They are artisan made, and top world quality!