Ebook: A Spiritual Guide To Wildharvesting


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This ebook is the result of almost 15 years of active wildharvesting, and of a lifetime relationship with herbs, trees, rocks, and the Spirits that inhabit Nature. Herbs are essential to Witchcraft, to Canarian Curanderismo, and to Yerberos and Osainistas, the three pillars of my herbal magical learning; I cannot imagine my life without plants. I wildharvest them, I cultivate them, I propagate them and replant them in Nature, I eat and drink them every day, and above all, I use them every day in my magical work, and they inspire my artwork.

This book is a guide to wildharvesting, oriented specifically to practitioners of Magical/Spiritual Paths, and completely non-denominational, so absolutely anyone can use it. The book is divided in two parts – the Spiritual Part and the Practical Part. The Spiritual Part covers approaching the Spirits of Nature, honouring them properly, and stablishing a deep and true relationship with them; the Practical part is a collection of tips and advice that cover the whole process from harvesting the herbs in Nature to having them perfectly preserved and ready to be used, assuring the highest quality for your magical work.

The ebook has also been illustrated by me; my work as an artist is just as important for me as my magical work, and to be honest, I don't make any lines between one and the other. Art is a work of Magic, and Magic is a work of Art; they come from the same source – the Divine spark in all of us; and strive to produce the same effect – growth and enlightenment. For obvious reasons, I have focused on the endemic Canarian herbs, plants and trees that surround us constantly while we wildharvest. Just so, I have also tried to represent the beauty of Canarian men and women, and of the Guanches, our aboriginal ancestors. A very important part of Canarian Curanderismo is directly tied to the Guanche heritage, specially when it comes to herbs and natural remedies.

Table Of Contents:


Chapter 1: The Spiritual Part

    · What The Spirits Can Teach You

    · Becoming Familiar With Sacred Natural Spaces

    · Finding The Portal To Your Wildharvesting Space: The Spirit Of The Paths

    · Choosing The Right Type Of Offerings: Honouring The Spirits Of The Place

    · Your Wildharvester Altar

Chapter 2: The Practical Part

    · Tools And Wildharvesting Kit

    · Helping Yourself With ID Guides

    · Photographing For Reference And Taking Samples

    · The Survival Of Your Future Wildharvesting

    · Processing And Drying Herbs

    · Storing Herbs And Seeds

    · Non – Herbal Wildharvesting

About The Illustrations

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Feedback From Customers:

"I enjoyed the ebook very much. Your writings inspired me to start a small herb garden last year and this year a larger container garden. Thank you for the hours of joy it has brought! Maybe one day I will start wild harvesting." S.M., USA.

"Carolina packs a multitude of wisdom and information within this book. Her beautiful and whimsical illustrations accompany her writing, which is presented in a concise and friendly way. This is a book you want to print out and take with you on your own harvesting adventures; even though the plant life of which she speaks is native to her home in the Canary Islands, the book is still very much helpful as far as the rituals, harvesting, drying, and storing techniques of which she writes. I was encouraged enough to purchase seeds from Carolina and am excited to start my own garden from which I hope to harvest. The book (and Carolina’s website) reminded me of the spiritual relationship we have with nature and all she has to offer; harvesting mindfully is always good thing to keep in mind. Even if one is more interested in growing and harvesting seeds and less interested in the metaphysical and spiritual part of such a task, the book is still knowledgeable and helpful." Review by Joanna Gorman, USA.